Sharing stories that need to be told.

At SWOT Media Group, we integrate video into your overall marketing strategy and produce stories that move people to action.

How We Work

Flexible Video Packages

We don’t nickel-and-dime our services. At SWOT Media Group, our video solutions are priced to include all pre-production meetings, production, editing and revisions.

Purpose-Driven Production

We ask “why?” in our strategic approach. At SWOT Media Group, our value-added marketing expertise is the key to successfully integrating video into your overall communications plan.

"Surprise & Delight" Approach

We go above and beyond for our clients. Our nimble SWOT Media Group team offers creative ideas and makes the process fun and enjoyable.

A Simple Promise

Always On Time, On Budget, and On Purpose.

At SWOT Media Group, we have an experienced and creative team of passionate experts in video production, motion graphics and marketing.

We will make your great idea into a compelling story that reaches your intended audience and – most importantly – your intended outcomes.

We value keeping it real, being creative and communicating in a clear, concise and compelling manner.

Work Samples

Package Pricing


Half Day Pack

Our entry level video package includes a half day of shooting, pre-production, post-production editing and revisions. We limit this package to one location with one to two interviewees. Typically, we produce one video up to two minutes or multiple “social bites.”


Full Day Pack

Our most popular package offers the biggest bang for your buck. We work with you on strategy in pre-production and have a strong outline going into our one day shoot. A full day of shooting includes up to two locations and up to five interviewees. We typically produce a single 2-3 minute video with multiple “social bites.”


Two Day Pack

Our most comprehensive video package includes pre-production, two full days of shooting, post-production editing, and revisions. A two day pack is ideal for producing a nonprofit “Ask” video, “About Us” video or a project requiring multiple, shorter videos. This package allows for shooting multiple interviewees at multiple locations.


Kinetic Typography

These videos will tell your story using a technique called “kinetic typography” – or moving text. We’ll help you edit your script, get your thoughts on how you’d like to see it move, build a storyboard and then bring it to life! When appropriate, these videos can also include still images to accompany your moving text. Up to :60 in length. Can include a voiceover.


Motion Graphics

These videos are more what you might picture when you hear “motion graphics:” stylized, branded graphic elements animated to music and/or a voiceover. We’ll help you tailor your script and provide a storyboard for you to review. Up to :60 in length.


Custom Animation

These videos tend to be tailored to your organization’s message and branding. The key difference between our “Motion Graphics” and “Custom Animation” is the amount of illustration required for the project before the actual animating can begin. For example, a Custom Animation project could include a custom character or mascot telling your story. We’ll help you develop your script and provide storyboards for your review. Up to :90 in length. 

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